AIM Academy - Building Your NIL DIY System; The BRONZE Course (FOUNDATION)

AIM NIL System Bronze Course - The Foundation

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The AIM Academy presents the MAIN Action Items you can take today to have your NIL Business up and running fast with the BRONZE Course!  Start Simple, Start Small, Start Now! The main purpose of the Bronze Course is to have you prepared to start making money with your own NIL Business System and having a FOUNDATION that gets you well on your way to opening up opportunities, earning money, and staying compliant. 

What are you going to learn?

  • Learn the FOUNDATION of the AIM NIL System
  • Join the AIM NIL Community
  • File your LLC application with your State and Apply for a Federal EIN #
  • Connect with your Organization's NIL Compliance Officer/Admin/Rep
  • Complete your AIM NIL System OPPORTUNITY Worksheet
  • Complete your AIM NIL System CONTENT Worksheet
  • Complete your ATHLETIC-INFLUENCER Profile Questionnaire
  • Tell the World on your Social Media You're OPEN FOR NIL BUSINESS!


    Introduction to AIM-Athletic Influencer Marketing, AIM Academy, and YOUR AIM NIL SYSTEM

    • NIL System Intro

    Defining NIL for Athletes, Parents, & Coaches

    • Define NIL

    Start a Corporate Structure for Your NIL Business

    • File for an LLC - Limited Liability Corporation in Your State

    COMPLIANCE - A Key Element of Your NIL Business

    • NIL and Compliance for Athletes

    Finding NIL OPPORTUNTIES to Grow Your NIL Business

    • Finding NIL Opportunities - Part 1

    Creating CONTENT That Generates Influence, Engagement, & Earnings-Part 1


    The MANY Benefits to You as a Student-Athlete with NIL

    • MANY BENEFITS of NIL for Athletes

    Building Your AIM Profile Landing Page Questionnaire-Part 1

    • Profile Part 1

    AIM NIL Bronze Course - Wrap Up and Action Items

    • AIM NIL Bronze Action Items
    • OpenSponsorship Profile and Sign-Up


  • Watch Each Video
  • Complete Action Item for Each Lesson


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