AIM Academy - Building Your NIL DIY System; The SILVER Course (EDUCATION & AUTOMATION)


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Welcome to the AIM ACADEMY as Coach Trent M Clark presents the next level of your AIM NIL System where we build on the FOUNDATION from your BRONZE Course and develop your revenue-generating skills with our SILVER Course that combines EDUCATION & AUTOMATION for your NIL Business! 

What are you going to learn?

  • Learn the EDUCATION & AUTOMATION steps to further your AIM NIL System
  • Attend the AIM NIL Membership Community Webinars and Virtual Events
  • Print Five One-Page Sheets on your business and pass to five potential Partners
  • Present an option to a Partner for an NIL Deal Offer
  • Update your Basepath App by reviewing the Startup information
  • Build some content data and personal items into your calendar for posting
  • Plan a weekly social media post, and get it scheduled in your Basepath App and execute the post
  • Intergrate a communication line to your compliance person within your organization and connect via the Basepath App
  • Write up ONE NIL DEAL into your Basepath App
  • Complete your LINKEDIN Professional Profile and PROMOTE your address on ALL your Social Media Accounts
  • Connect with 10+ Top Boosters/Alumni/Supporters from your School
  • Post on your Social Media for NIL Opportunities including your AIM Profile and LinkedIn addresses (Tag @AIM4NIL)


    AIM Opportunities: How to Close a Client and WIN a NIL Partner - Part 2

    • AIM NIL Opportunities Worksheet - How to Identify & Close a NIL Partner
    • AIM NIL Opportunities - Brand Deals You can Capitalize on RIGHT NOW (and Where to Find Them)
    • Using Collectives and University Opportunities and Creating Offers

    Start Creating NIL-Worthy Content Creation

    • Getting and Creating Good Content and Establish YOUR Expertise
    • Creating a Schedule for Posting YOUR NIL User Generated Content

    Build a Profile That You Can Share

    • Building a Better NIL Profile

    AIM Basepath App Tutorial

    Silver Course Completed Items



  • Watch Each Video
  • Complete Action Item for Each Lesson


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