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How to Build a NIL Business: Start Simple. Start Small. Start Now!

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If you are looking to gain access to how to Build a NIL Business and opportunities for you on your athletic journey, this is the place to learn!  We offer a number of F.R.E.E resources for you, plus three paid COURSE Levels to be a MEMBER in the AIM NIL COMMUNITY - Bronze Course, Silver Course, and Gold Course!


Welcome Coaches, Parents, Athletes, Directors, and Staff to a simple approach of Education and Automation when it comes to managing ALL things NIL! 


What are you going to learn?

  • Learn About Name, Image, Likeness
  • Learn How to Make Money in NIL
  • Learn Who is Eligible for NIL
  • Learn Different Areas of Revenue for NIL Opportunities
  • Learn the Three 3 Be's (Rules) of Social Media
  • Learn How Your NIL Business Can Benefit the Student-Athlete


    What is Name, Image, Likeness (NIL) mean?

    • Defining NIL for the Newcomer

    Top 5 Mental Health Hacks for Social Media

    • Top 5 Mental Health Hacks with Evie Doezema

    Introduction to AIM ACADEMY's NIL DIY SYSTEM


    Collectives and University NIL Resources

    • How do I use Collectives and School Resources?

    Benefits of NIL Opportunities for Athletes

    • AIM Academy-Benefits of NIL for Athletes & Influencers

    Evie's Corner: Health Tips for Athletes Balancing School, Sports, and NIL

    • The Top 5 Health Tips For Athletes & Self Care - Evie Doezema

    AIM Academy - The TOP 5 NIL Deals for ALL Athletes

    • AIM ACADEMY - The Top 5 NIL Deals for ALL Athletes (Right NOW!)


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  • Take Notes
  • Join the AIM NIL Community
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